Zeoclere 30 - Premium Grade filter media



Zeoclere 30 is a granular filter media most commonly used for the reduction of ammonia from water supplies. The grade described on this sheet is Zeoclere 30, which is available in >1-2mm and 0.5- 1mm grain size.

Zeoclere is a selected high-grade zeolitic mineral from a family of 40 different types. The Zeoclere range is specifically for use in pressure or gravity filters. It has a purity of between 80-85% and is constant between these percentages. The material has been shown to operate well in both small and large pressure vessels. In tests carried out using a 1 metre column with the flow in a constant backwash mode for 180 days - (24 hours), showed a material loss of 23mm due to attrition.




  • Under correct conditions chemical reduction will be achieved along with water saving, power cost and less maintenance.
  • High ammonia removal (average 23.8gm/lt.) Dependent on flow rate.
  • Iron removal efficiency is high. Far greater surface area than sand.
  • Removes odour. Longevity 5 - 7 years.
  • Turbidity shown to be up to 60% better than accepted silica sand standard.
  • Reduced backwashing by up to 70% over that of sand.
  • No health hazard.
  • Zeoclere has a far greater (400%) surface area than silica sand. Therefore, backwashing -where appropriate - can be dramatically reduced.
  • Because of the high reduction of ammonia removal, the use of chlorine is similarly reduced and on average is quoted that up to 40% savings have been achieved.

Physical Properties

  • Colour - light grey (MgO = 85%).
  • Hardness - 4 Moh
  • Grain size - >1-2mm
  • Pore volume approx. 5-10%.
  • Bulk density 998kg/m3.
  • Stability from pH3 - pH12.

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Conditions for operation


Water pH between
7.2 - 7.6.

Bed depth - best 1metre or above.

Use 6mm washed pea gravel.

Free board: 20% bed depth.

Backwash bed expansion 5 - 10%

Backwash rate:

Free chlorine concentration up to 10ppm.




Zeoclere Premium Grade filter media is only available through professional retail companies in the pool sector, for details of your nearest outlet please contact us + 34 627667810or email sales@canarypools.com

Available in 20kg bags (50 x 20kg to a pallet), order your supply of Zeoclere Premium Grade Filter Media by calling + 34 627667810 or e-mail sales@canarypools.com