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  About Mountain Springs Spas
Image of a working spa From the hills of Montana USA comes the finest range of spas and hot-tubs in the UK.

Whether you are looking for form or function, a sanctuary from the world or a place to invite the rest of the world too, a spa or hot-tub from Mountain Springs Spas will fit the bill perfectly.

All the hot-tubs or spas from Mountain Springs Spas come with a 12 month guarantee in the UK, to give you additional peace of mind.

an individual experience...
Image of a working spa Mountain Springs Spas offers seven different hot-tubs or spas, each with distinctive features and styling. Each hot-tub or spa combines performance and aesthetics to create a hydrotherapy experience that can be tailored to suit the individual.

With multiple massage options on every Mountain Springs Spas hot-tub or spa you can adjust the water jets and pressure at the touch of a button. Years of experience and testing ensure that Mountain Springs Spas jet designs and configurations maximise your pleasure by directing water to the key points around your body where it is needed most.

strong on the inside...
Image of a working spa The luxurious acrylic finishes of the spas and hot-tubs in the Mountain Springs Spas range are backed by a series of special reinforcing fibreglass layers designed for extreme strength and longevity. Since production began in 1983, Mountain Springs Spas has not had one structural failure of a spa shell.

beautiful on the outside...
Image of a working spa The outer cases of all spas and hot-tubs from Mountain Springs Spas are constructed of clear western red cedar, a beautiful American hardwood from renewable sources, which is hand-graded and specially treated to withstand the harshest climates. With thin veneer or soft-wood panelling being used by many other manufacturers, Mountain Springs Spas offer the thickest casing on the market ensuring that your spa or hot-tub from Mountain Springs Spas will last a lifetime.

relax with Mountain Springs Spas...