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The Mountain Springs Spas Showcase
Small is beautiful. But the beautiful Alpine spa or hot-tub certainly creates a big impression. Rectangular in shape and with 10 control jets, the Alpine has been designed for when space is at a premium but luxury is price-less. With foot jets and a safety hand-rail as standard, the Alpine is perfect for couples and small families; with two upright seats and one lounger, it will accommodate three people comfortably, but with space for one other if required.

Mountain Springs Spas - Alpine

If you are looking for a spa or hot tub for use in commercial sports and leisure facilities, then look no further than the Yellowstone spa or hot tub from Mountain Springs Spas. Completely programmable and with 10 control jets, its seven upright seats ensure that it can seat at least six people and it also has a hidden skimmer - eliminating any temptation to tamper with it!

Mountain Springs Spas - Yellowstone

Entertain your friends in the famous Grizzly from Mountain Springs Spas. With its six seats and 19 control jets, relaxing in the soothing water of the Grizzly is the perfect way to end an enjoyable evening. The foot jets and foot carousel that come as standard in every Grizzly, ensure a truly relaxing, head-to-toe sensation.

Mountain Springs Spas - Grizzly

The King of Spas. The ultimate in luxury, space and styling, the Timberwolf from Mountain Springs Spas creates a huge impression. With 55 control jets, the Timberwolf can accommodate six or seven people with ease. In addition to the awesome massage power, the Timberwolf comes fully loaded with aqua-power massage seats, an ‘old-faithful’ eruption jet, storm jet massager, foot carousel, foot jets, deluxe digital spa-side controls, calf jets, turbo lounger and an impressive waterfall. Life doesn’t get any easier.

Mountain Springs Spas - Timberwolf

The Nordic has two upright seats and two bucket-seats, accommodating four people perfectly. Due to its rectangular shape the Nordic will not over-power small spaces and its 10, perfectly positioned, control jets ensure that everyone in the spa can fully enjoy the luxurious Mountain Springs Spas experience.

Mountain Springs Spas - Nordic

The Kootenai is the perfect spa or hot-tub for families as five or six people can relax in the luxury of one lounger, two bucket seats and two standard seats. In addition to the 10 control jets that come as standard across the range, the Kootenai comes with foot jets to really ease those aching limbs.

Mountain Springs Spas - Kootenai

Grizzly Royale
The Grizzly, but with bite! The Grizzly Royale is the same shape and size as the Grizzly, and has all the style and status of the Mountain Springs Spas' famous product, but with 40 control jets compared to 19, calf jets, and deluxe digital spa-side controls as standard, as well as the foot carousel and foot jets found on the Grizzly.

Mountain Springs Spas are available in a variety of colours.

Mountain Springs Spas - Colours

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